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Complete Data collection started on 12/23/22

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Email Address Search
This field allows you to enter the email address to see if it has received any emails. the results display below in the table.

Optional Resend Email Address(es)
This field is used to resend a message manager email to an alternative email address. Potentially, the email that was used for the order was entered wrong, misspelled, or has ben deactivated. This allows you to resend to another email address.

Search Results Data Table

  • You can show up to 100 results at a time
  • You can search for specific letters, words, or phase in the results to more finely filter your results
  • You can sort the columns ascending and descending
  • You can resend the email

Resend Email
When resending, you'll click on the blue circle envelope icon and you'll then be presented with an option to cancel or accept. Once you accept an email is sent, you will then receive a popup message confirming that the email was indeed resent.

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