Message Manager

With our Message Manager, you can create transactional emails that are attached to forms. We provide a WYSIWIG editor and a source code editor.

Every time a Message Manager transactional email is deployed it can include a comma delimited list of emails that will be BCC'd.

Stream2 forms have 12 opportunities to message: Presale mode, On-sale mode, Gifted or not gifted, at the time of sale or when access is granted. The possibilities cover every option so you can present the correct message at the correct time.

Be aware that when your form's Presale mode is enabled, this will lock the Message Manager dropdown options. To unlock them should you need to make changes, briefly disable Presale mode, make the necessary changes, and then enable Presale mode again.

When a new Tessitura account is created you can deploy an email to either the buyer or gift recipient that an account was created and to come visit your website to complete the process.

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