Email Domain Management

Email Domain Management
A custom sending email domain allows you to create "from:" email addresses to be used in your 2Account for Message Manager emails. Your Message manager email will come from your email address not a for email address.

You will be able to use email address like:

Make sure the email address you use are setup and functioning as an actual email address. Don't just make up an email address because it sounds good. Make sure it really is a working email. 

Domain Management Menu

To set up or mange a Custom Domain, navigate to the Domain Management feature from the drop down menu on the right under your user. 

Only Admins and Owner users have access to manage this feature. You will need to set up 4 DNS records during this process, which will most likely require assistance from IT services or whoever manages that at your organization.

Add An Email Domain

After selecting the Email Domain Management tab, the first step that needs to be completed before you can use a custom sending email is to configure your Email domain. To do this, enter your email domain and click save. Your organization need to either own or be associated with the domain used in this step. 

Generating Email Identity
Once you have added your email domain, an email identity will automatically be generated.

Once you add your email domain and the identity has been created, the Email Domain Management page will update with instructions.

Email Domain DNS Configuration
The steps for the DNS configuration will be vary somewhat depending on which provider your organization uses. While this is not complicated to set up, it usually requires the help of your IT services. Once the DNS record is created, the Type, Name, and Value fields form your 2Account will need to be applied to the record. Below is an example of the information a DNS record filled out with the information gathered from the 2Account Email Domain Management page.

Once the Type, Host/Name, and Value/Data fields have been saved in your 2Account, you can return to the Custom Domain page in your 2Account.

Email Domain Validation
We automatically poll and detect the existence of the domain record in your DNS. Once the record is added and confirmed by our system, the feature that allows you to add email addresses will become available. If you do not see this, please double check the DNS record configuration. 

Adding An Email Address
Now you can add an email address. Enter the username portion of the email address. That is the portion before the @ symbol and click Add Email.

These steps will need to be completed for any additional sending email you want to use. 

Using Custom Sending Email with a Message Manager
In the Message Manager editor page, there is a new dropdown menu that allows you to select the Sending Email Address.

  • Sending Email Address - Where you choose the configured sending email you want to use 

Results in the patrons email

When an email is deployed the following os an example of what it looks like if it is inspected.

Data is being collected for sends, opens and clicks. In the future, this will be available in a reporting tool that includes searching capability allowing an organization to know if a specific patron received and open or clicked an email.

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