Message Manager Testing

Message Manager Testing

You can send test emails from the Message Manager so you can proof your emails and review formatting without having to process a transaction.

Tokens are elements of the email that will be replaced with actual data. For testing purposes we have created a set of default values we will use to populate your emails. Tokens start with a % and end with a %. They are listed here

To get started you can open the Message Manager email you want to test and select the "Test Send" button in the upper right corner of the page.

Possible Modal Options

Donate2 Donation Form

Flex2 Flex Form

If your selected Flex2 Flex Form has Multiple Buttons configured, the Selected Button drop down will populate with numbers based on the number of buttons on your selected form.

Stream2 Brightcove Form

If your selected Stream2 Brightcove Form has Multiple Buttons configured, the Selected Button drop down will populate with numbers based on the number of buttons on your selected form.

If your selected Stream2 Brightcove Form has Watch Now or Watch Later configured, the Watch Now or Watch Later drop down will allow you to set what mode you want the Message Manager email to process under.

Filling Out The Modal

Enter the email address you want to receive the test

Select the form you want to test. The form will provide information about the Header Image, Buttons, Watch Now or Watch Later. Depending on the form type and features enabled, you will see additional options.

Selected Button
Select the button you want to activate 

Watch Now or Watch Later
Select the which option you want to activate 

Click the "Send" button to receive your email.


Buyer Sample Email
Gift Recipient Example Email

Replacement Tokens

Here are the replacement data for the tokens:

Organization/Company Information

Organization and Company replacement data for the tokens  comes from your actual Account Information page in the right hand drop down menu in your 2Account.

Company Name: %org_company_name%

Address Line 1: %org_address1%

Address Line 2: %org_address1%

City: %org_city%

State: %org_state%

Postal Code: %org_postal%

Country: %org_country%

Website: %org_company_website%

Phone: %org_company_phone%

Tax Country: %org_tax_id_country%

Tax ID: %org_tax_id_number%



Brightcove Magic Link:

Brightcove Gallery Product Name: Season 22

Brightcove Access Length: 2 day

Brightcove Access Length Initial Character Uppercase: 2 Day

Brightcove Expiration Date MMDDYYYY Short: 02/22/2222

Brightcove Expiration Date MMDDYYYY Long: February 22, 2222

Brightcove Expiration Date DDMMYYYY Short: 22/02/2222

Brightcove Expiration Date DDMMYYYY Long: 22 February, 2222

Brightcove Expiration Date Day Of Week: Friday

Brightcove Expiration Time 12 Hour: 2:22pm

Brightcove Expiration Time 24 Hour: 14:22

Time Zone: CST


Brightcove - Physical Tickets to Digital Access

Ticket Quantity: 4

Ticket Number: 2


Brightcove Watch Now or Watch Later

Watch Now or Watch Later: Comes from the activated option on your selected form



Tessitura Order Number: 222222

Tessitura Customer Number: 12345678

Tessitura Order Date U.S.: 02/22/2222

Tessitura Order Date & Time U.S.: 02/22/2222 2:22 PM

Tessitura Order Date: 22/02/2222 2:22 PM

Tessitura Perf Description: A Jolly Good Time

Tessitura Perf Price: 222.22

Tessitura Perf Quantity: 1

Tessitura Total: 222.22

Tessitura Grand Total: 222.22

Tessitura Paid Total: 222.22

Tessitura On Account Total: 222.22



Buyer Email:

Buyer First Name: Jane

Buyer Last Name: Doe

Buyer Full Name: Jane Doe

Buyer Short Name: Jane D.

Buyer Prefix: Ms.

Buyer Suffix: Esq.

Buyer Address 1: 22 W. Pleasant Way

Buyer Address 2: Apt 2

Buyer City: Twosylvania

Buyer State: PA

Buyer Postal Code: 22222

Buyer Country: US

Buyer Phone: 222-222-2222


Gift Recipient

Gift Recipient Email:

Gift Recipient First Name: John

Gift Recipient Full Name : John Doe



Shipping Email:

Shipping Name: Jane Doe

Shipping_Address_Line1: 22 W. Pleasant Way

Shipping_Address_Line2: Apt 2

Shipping_City: Twosylvania

Shipping State: PA

Shipping Postal Code: 22222

Shipping Country: US

Shipping Phone: 222-222-2222



Add-On Donation Amount: 22.22

Cover Cost Amount: 2.22


Question & Answer

Question: What's your favorite number?

Answer: 2


Method of Payment

Payment Method: Visa

Digital Wallet: Apple Pay



Selected Button Name: Comes from the activated button on your selected form

Selected Button Price Text Line 1: Comes from the activated button on your selected form

Selected Button  Price Text Line 2: Comes from the activated button on your selected form


Team Fundraising

Program Name: Annual Fundraiser

Team Name: 2 For The Win

Team Member First Name: James

Team Member Last Name: Doe