Message Manager Templates

Message Manager Templates allow you to quickly create a customizable email that you can select within the Message Manager. We've built these templates to give you a good foundation to craft your message from, including commonly used tokens for a hands off personalized patron experience. 

Want to see Message Manager Templates in action? Watch the video here!

When creating a new email in the Message Manager, you are presented with a modal to select a template type or you can start from scratch by selecting "None".

At this time, the options within the Message Manager Templates are all built and styled by us. If you have an email you've personalized to fit your brand and needs and would like to reuse it, please use the clone button to duplicate the email. 

Templates Options Dropdown

To create a new email, click the + Create New Message button. The following window will pop up:

The dropdown menu will give you several options to choose from.

Select Message Manager Template

You have the option to choose from a few different template styles. These templates have been built with use cases and common communications in mind. 

For the purposes of this article, we will be using the Donate2 Donation - Fund option, but the process is the same regardless of which you choose. 

Create Message Manager

Once you have chosen your template style, click the Create Message button.

You will then be redirected to a new message default template, seen below.

Default Template

Once you are in the editor, you can edit away to your hearts content. The template is just a nicely styled email with the common copy and tokens included. If all you want to do is update your logo and change colors throughout the template to match with your organization's branding, then that's fine too! 

You are able to change the name of the template in the  Email Name field at the top of the screen.  ou are also able to edit your subject line how you wish in the Subject field if you so choose.

To replace the 2Account logo with your own, there are two ways to accomplish this: 

  • Click on the 2Account logo so that you see the blue outline around the image. Then click Insert and then click Image.  
  • Click on the 2Account logo so that you see the blue outline around the image. Then right click on the image. This will present you with an options list. Click on Image.  

This will then open a box where you will need to include a link to your logo that is hosted by your organization. 

If you don't have that URL on hand and need someting in a pinch, you can grab one off of your companies website. Wherever your logo exists on the page, right click and choose the Inspect option. This will open a new section where you see the code for the website. More often than not, the line of code will open highlighted to whatever you clicked on (in this case, your logo). Within the code, there should be a link that you can copy/paste into the Source text box in the Insert/Edit Image.  

In this popup, you are also able to add an Alternative Description on your logo for screen readers, as well as adjust the Width and Height of your logo. Once you have set your image to your liking, click Save. You should immediately be able to see your logo within the message.

To adjust any of the banner colors, you can either click the area you wish to change until you see the blue border around the section, select the Table menu option, and then click on Table Properties. Alternatively, you can right click on the section you wish to change and select Table Properties from there.

This will open another popup where you can adjust the settings under General. To change the color, click on Advanced. This will allow you to continue customizing this section. You can add a Border Style if you wish and change the Border Color by clicking into the checkered box which will open color tiles to choose from. You can also select the palette icon if you have specific RGB colors or a hex code. 

To change the background color, click on the colored tile in the Background Color section. As with the border color, you will be able to choose from the color tile or entering RGB and/or a hex code by clicking on the palette icon.

Once your color is what you want, click Save.  This process is the same for any color bar present in the email.

Throughout the template, the text and the tokens are editable, so you can move, remove, or replace any of these options.  For further information on tokens, please click here.

You can also remove sections of the table by clicking on the area you no longer wish to have and then clicking on the Delete Table option, circled in red below: 

Modify: Logo, Colors & Text

Below is an example of a fully branded ready to go Message Manager email using one of our Donation templates: 

Email Rendering

Below are two examples of what your customer will receive. The first image is the example email as seen on a desktop and below that is the example email as seen on a mobile device:  



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