​Payment Manager - Login Type

The Payment Manager requires a unique Login Type in order to process all invoices correctly. This alleviates issues that you would encounter with Tessitura's Guest Checkout functionality when performing transactions of this nature.

To create a Login Type, once you are logged into Tessitura, go to the System Tables.

Search for Login and insert a new Login Type. Give it a name... maybe something like "Flex2 Group Sales"

In your Tessitura LIVE Click on "LIVE Environment" to make edits to the settings. 

Note: You may need to click the "Refresh Cache" so your new Login Type show up in your drop down menu.

Open the Configuration collapsible and scroll to the Payment Manager Login Type and select the Payment Login Type you would like to use.

This is the Login Type we will use when making a payment.

Note: If the Owner of the order does not have the Login Type you are using, we will automatically add it to the email address. This makes this process easy and predictable.

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