Flex2 Payment Form Editor

Create a new form and select Flex2 Payment.

The Flex2 Payment Editor uses all the same familiar settings available on Flex2 Forms.

There's a total 14 collapsible settings with 3 being unique to the Flex2 Payment Form.

1. Main Content

2. Payment Configuration

3. Paid In Full Message

1. Main Content

This is very similar to the Main Content section of other forms. The defaults on this form include several tokens that render Order information, Payment Schedules and Order details - all of which are optional and can be removed.


You can add, delete or even rearrange these tokens to achieve whatever messaging you want, using the words you want.

Here is a list of tokens and what they display:

%display_name% = The name of the Initiator or Owner (if no initiator exists)

%order_no% = Tessitura order number

%order_date_us% = Tessitura order date formatted for the NA

%order_date% = Tessitura order date formatted for EU and AP

%order_total% = Tessitura order total

%order_details_us% = Contents of the Tessitura order formatted for NA

%order_details% = Contents of the Tessitura order formatted for the EU and AP

%order_details_always_us% = Contents of the Tessitura order formatted for NA

%order_details_always% = Contents of the Tessitura order formatted for the EU and AP

%payments_made% = Total payments made on the Tessitura order

%billing_schedule% = Tessitura billing schedule showing what was paid, upcoming, and overdue.


If you are not forcing patrons to follow the billing schedule, you should remove any version of the %billing_schedule% token you are using from the payment form. The billing schedule token shows the billing schedule status, which normally is good. But, since you are not enforcing payments to match the billing schedule, we can not accurately reflect the status of each payment made matching to a line item of the billing schedule. Instead, use the %payments_made% to simply present the total payments with no breakout detail and position it right after the Order Total as shown below.

Order Number: %order_no%
Order Date: %order_date_us%
Order Total: %total_invoice_amount%

Amount Paid To Date: %payments_made%

2. Payment Configuration

This section allows you to customize additional copy on the form, the buttons, and the totals section.

3. Paid In Full Message

This is similar to Off-Sale feature that is available on other forms. When Paid In Full is activated because the order balance is $0, we never show the order or the payment form. It simply displays a message you configure. It informs the customer there is no additional action needed on the order and the order is paid in full.


You can proof the Paid In Full message by selecting the Paid In Full dropdown menu below the mobile preview on the right hand side of the application.

Note: The preview allows you to select between Cart Free Form, Thank You, Paid In Full.

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