Tessitura Resend Tool

The Tessitura Resend Tool allows you to resend an order that has previously generated an error when attempting to process the order Tessitura.  

When Tessitura generates an error, any 2Account users that have "Notifications" turned on (Green smiley face) will receive an email with a subject of “Debugging” which will contain information about the error.  It will look similar to this:

The area highlighted in blue is for demonstration purpose and indicates where you will find the error message we received from your Tessitura. This message should provide you or your Tessitura support with a clue as to what needs to be fixed. It could be an invalid price type, mode of sale, security permission, etc.

You will have 7 days to fix the error and resend the order before the transaction information is deleted.  If you attempt to resend the order during the 7 days (i.e. when 3 days remain) and the order errors again, the resend window will be reset to 7 days. If the error is not resolved and the 7 days have passed, the transaction will remain in Stripe, but the data needed to send the order into Tessitura will be deleted from our logs.  We remove the order to honor PII policies. This will affect bookkeeping and reconciliation in Tessitura will be off, which your finance team will not enjoy. You are always able to manually enter the transaction in Tessitura using the data from Stripe if you are unable to resolve the error in the window of time provided. 

Common errors that you may receive:

Donate2 does not always have a name for every error that may come from Tessitura.  If you see this unknown error on your dashboard, reference your Debugging email for more information.  Often, the specific error will be shown in the Payload section of the email (highlighted in blue above). The details of the error message is generated by Tessitura, so if you need additional help identifying and resolving the error please reach out to Tessitura support and they will be happy to assist.

If you receive this error message, it means that the fund or source is no longer valid.  An example of this may happen when you move from one fiscal year to another.  For recurring payments (Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly), please be sure to adjust your Recurring Payment Conversion.

You may receive this error when the box office previously sets up an account for the user, but the API REST user doesn’t have access.  You will need to fix this within Tessitura before resending the order. 

Once you have identified the errors and made attempts to fix them, go back into your Donate2 dashboard and click the “Resend” button.  If the error is resolved, you will see a green smiley face appear.  If the error is not resolved after you hit the “Resend” button, you will receive another Debugging email, the error will remain on your Dashboard, and you will need to continue to troubleshoot.  If you are finding persistent errors or need additional help troubleshooting an error message, please contact Tessitura Support for assistance.

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