What does "A specified login name already exists for this email." error from Tessitura mean and how can I fix it?

Resource: web/registration
Response: "Code": "DUPLICATE_ENTITY"
Description: "Specified LoginName already exists for this WebLogin."

When this happens, the transaction in Stripe was completed and the customer experience was perfect. They have no idea there was an issue, which is good.

Here is why this can happen:

We use Tessitura guest login and attempt to find the constituent record. In this case, we didn't find a record because the email address someone@here.com is not an email on the constituent record. 

Constituent Record
      Emails: someone@herealternative.com  (not what we are looking for)
      Web Login: Username: someone@here.com  (but it is on a Web Login and we don't know that)

Since there is a constituent record that has a Web Login with someone@here.com. When we try to create an account with that Web Login, that is what causes the error.

The way to solve this would be to add someone@here.com to the constituent record list of emails.

Constituent Record
     Emails: someone@herealternative.com,  someone@here.com  (now it has what we are looking for)
      Web Login: Username: someone@here.com 

Once that change is made in Tessitura, you can use the Resend button on the 2 Account Dashboard.

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