How do I add the option for recurring donations to a form?

Monthly, quarterly, or yearly donations are just a drop down away! You can provide folks with the option to make a donation recurring, which will automatically repeat the donation on the frequency the donor chooses.

When you're building your Donate2 form, you'll have the option to select recurring frequency from the payment page section of the form builder. All forms are set to One Time recurring frequency by default. When selecting recurring frequency options, a form can have one or more recurring frequency options selected. The image below shows what it would look like if your form was set to One Time and Monthly.

That's all you need to do within Donate2 to provide the option for recurring donations!

The way recurring donations are handled in Stripe is a little different than a standard One Time donation payment using Stripe, but we take care of the set up of that for you. We recommend familiarizing yourself with your Stripe dashboard and taking a look at this article on how recurring donations are handled in Stripe here.

If you're organization is using Tessitura, we offer an enhanced integration feature using a Customer Service Issue (CSI) to provide a better experience for your box office or guest services staff. The CSI will alert or "flag" the account as having a recurring donation in Stripe. You can learn more about that here.

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