Tessitura's Customer Service Issues (CSI) for Recurring Donations

Donate2 offers the ability to generate a CSI in Tessitura when a Recurring Donation is setup through a 2Account form. This CSI is a little heads up to the advancement, development, box office or guest services staff that a recurring donation was set up and gives you a record of this within Tessitura. One CSI will be generated for each recurring donation when the initial donation is processed. All subsequent donations will be automatically processed via Stripe, logged in Tessitura, and a receipt will be sent from Tessitura - just like a One Time donation. No additional CSI's will be processed.

Customer Service Issues (CSI) for Recurring Donations are Optional. To have a CSI trigger for a recurring donation you must setup the following:

  1. Configure a CSI Contact Method and Activity Type in Tessitura (Check with Tessitura Support if you are unfamiliar with how to do this)
  2. Expose the CSI Resource to the Donate2 REST API user (Check with Tessitura Support if you are unfamiliar with how to do this)
  3. Configure the Recurring Donation CSI feature in Donate2 (See below)

Only Owners and Admins can adjust these CSI Configuration settings.
To configure your CSI, go to the Tessitura Integration page in your 2Account and choose which Tessitura environment you want to configure this for (TEST or LIVE). This will take you to the configuration page for that environment. There you will find the CSI section where you can choose the Contact Method and Activity Type. Typically, you'll want to set up Donate2 specific versions and select them in the drop down.

Contact Method: Donate2
Activity Type: Donate2 Recurring Donation

Below is an example of a CSI generated from a recurring donation with Donate2. 

The Stripe Subscription Number, Stripe Customer Number can be used to search and locate the Recurring Donation in Stripe to make updates to the Recurring Donation.

Donate2 Recurring Donation CSI Listing on a Constituent Record

CSI Detail on a Constituent Record

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