How do recurring donations work with Tessitura?

Note: Recurring donations processed through your TEST Tessitura do not contain any Stripe data since we do not process Stripe. Therefore contain no data in the CSI.

When a Donate2 recurring donation is processed each Month, Quarter or Year, the transaction takes place in Stripe and then is processed in Tessitura just like a regular donation. You will see this donation recorded alongside other transaction history in Tessitura. Donate2 takes care of the checkout process and triggers the receipt from Tessitura. The receipt that will be triggered will be whatever receipt is associated with the form the donation was made with at the time the donation was made. 

If you need to edit the recurring donation (create a new subscription for a different amount, change the frequency, pause or cancel it) you can do that by going into the customer in your Stripe account and editing the subscription. Each customer has their own subscription for their recurring donation and by accessing this through the customer you'll be sure to edit the one associated with them. To learn more about how this is set up in Stripe, take a look at this article

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