Auto Renew Memberships

The Flex2 Enhanced Flex Form is the recommended form for providing Membership options. The article below references the original Flex2 Flex Form. The same principles apply but the Flex2 Enhanced Flex Form provides more features and options.

Membership forms for enrollment or auto renewal (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, or Annually) are easy to create and implement!  In the examples below, we will be following the High Museum's use of Flex forms and Stripe setup for their Auto Renewal program that allows their patrons one-click and worry free transactions.

High Museum Website

Each form is accessible via an "Enroll Now" button on their website.  By clicking on your membership choice, you are then taken to the corresponding Flex2 form.

Specific Membership

The form above is what is seen when you click on the "Contributing" level option.  On this form, you have the option to select the straight membership fee or the membership fee plus the cost of transaction fees.  These are configured in the Flex2 editor and are set up as Stripe price types.

All Memberships

The High Museum also has a Flex2 form option with the membership levels listed in one place, rather than separate forms.  These listed memberships are  configured as Stripe products.

Stripe Product Configuration

Within the button configuration in your Flex2 editor, you will see the option to enable or disable this button as a Stripe product.  You must create these products in Stripe first in order for them to be accessible in your 2Account.  For more information on Stripe product setup, click here.

Stripe Products

Your Stripe products will be listed in your Stripe account under the "Product" option near the top of the screen.  They are listed by default based on the date they were created. Within the current High Museum example, their Stripe product prices would be listed under the "Auto Renewal Memberships with Cover Costs" or "Auto Renewal Memberships" Stripe product options.

Stripe Product Price

The following Stripe Product Prices are for the entry level Auto Renew Museum Pass for either Monthly or Annually with options for cover cost.

By clicking into your preferred Stripe product, your price options will be listed.  In the image above, these are the prices listed under the "Museum Pass" Stripe product and lists both the base prices as well as the options for the Museum pass plus cover costs.

Stripe Coupons

Coupons are able to be created by accessing your Products and selecting the "Coupons" option on the left side of the screen.  When you create coupons, you are able to apply them to specific products.

Tessitura Collapsible Configuration

Within your Tessitura collapsible in your form editor, your setup is the same as would be for forms without applied Stripe products.  Be sure to select the correct Fund (typically a fund controlled by a membership organization) to which this contribution should be applied, as well as the proper Source and Channel.  On Account Method(s) and Receipts are optional at this step and since this is a membership option, a Performance ID will not be applied.

Tessitura Database Configuration

Within your Tessitura database, you are able to apply memberships to these auto-renewal transactions.  It will use a fund connected to a membership organization under which you can create and manage your membership levels.

Adding membership levels, in this case, levels that match with the contribution amounts you've added on your forms, is easily doable within the membership organization you've created specifically for these forms.  It should look similar to this:

When a contribution comes in, it will look similar to this: 

When the contribution amount falls within a membership level, a constituency and membership will be applied.

In the History tab of the constituent record, you are able to view membership details.  It should look something like this:

Customer Portal Manager

The Customer Portal allows your patron to self-manage their membership.  For further information on the Customer Portal Manager and its setup, watch the demo here!

You are also able to configure additional settings within Stripe.  For more information, click here

Stripe Customer Communication

An example of the Customer Portal Manager in action would be if your patron's credit card is about to expire.  They will receive a notification from Stripe, completely branded with the additional settings configured, and when they choose to update their card, they are directed to the Customer Portal Manager screen as seen above.  They will enter their email address for verification and receive a verification code.

High Museum Customer Portal Email Code

This is an example of an email your patron may receive once they've entered their email for verification.  They will then have to copy and paste that code into the verification screen that appears after they've submitted their email.

High Museum Customer Portal Verification

The six-digit code will then be entered in the corresponding boxes.  Once the customer clicks "Verify," they will be taken to their customer information.

High Museum Customer Portal Access

Within their profile, your customer is able to view their credit card information and contact information and update it on this screen.

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