Flex2 Launch Form

Flex2 Launch Forms

The Flex2 Launch Form is a unique form type that is used to create a launching pad or landing page that contains buttons linking to other forms or outside links.

Want to see the Flex2 Launch Form in action?  Watch the video here!

  • Lock/Unlocked - It's a very good practice to get into the habit of locking a form once you’re finished editing it.  Please be aware that with Enhanced Donation Forms, when the form is locked, all collapsibles will be inaccessible and the editor will be greyed out.  This is an update to how the other forms work. To make edits, unlock the form and you will have access to each collapsible section.
  • LIVE Links - To view what your forms will look like on a larger screen than your Preview, utilize the LIVE link, Your LIVE link is the link you will use to share your form with the public.

When configuring a Flex2 Launch form, forms should only be connected to one launch form at a time, especially when utilizing the include Return button. If a Form is connected to more than one Launch form and each have the Return button enabled, the system won't know which launch form to return to.

Create A Flex2 Launch Form

When selecting a form type, you will see the Launch form listed in the dropdown menu in the Flex2 family of forms.

Once you have selected the Launch option, you will be able to select forms that you've already created in your 2Account to connect to your Launch form.  These will be created on the Launch form as buttons for your customer to click, linking them to the designated form.  In the example below, a Donate2 donation form and two Flex2 forms have been selected.  Adding additional form/button options will be covered below in the Buttons & Links section.
When the Launch form appears in your Forms list, it will appear with a rocket icon next to the name. You will be able to change the name of your form by clicking into it and adjusting the text in the Form Name text box.
Since the Launch form serves as a landing page for a selection of other forms, the editor is a bit different and more refined than what you've seen before, though many settings will be familiar to 2Account users.

Form Settings

The Presentation Manager dropdown allows you to select a Presentation Manager from your 2Account and apply it to your form. If you click on the green box with the arrow, it will open the Presentation Manager in another tab so that you can quickly make edits. Once you've made the edits to your Presentation Manager, refresh your form editor and you will see them immediately attributed to the Presentation Manager on your form.

The Form Alias allows you to customize the URL to this specific form. If the alias name already exists, you will receive an error and will need to change the name to be unique. Clicking the green clipboard icon will copy the alias link so you can paste it where you wish. The form alias field is limited to 40 characters and must be characters that create a valid URL. The prepended section of the URL is created from your Account Information page from the settings in the Additional Setup section.

The Rule Color and Link Color are global settings that allow you to set the colors for the rules that you may choose (the line that separates sections) and link colors throughout your form. Each of these can be changed by clicking on the color box to the left of the text to choose a color from the color selector or by entering a hex code in the text box. You are also able to edit the color and opacity by clicking on the color square and utilizing the available sliders.

Form Layout

The Form Layout section allows you to customize your form even more than before!  You are able to drag and drop each section up or down and individually decide where each section will live. For example, if you decided you wanted your Fine Print to appear before your Button & Links, just drag the Fine Print section above the Button & Links section. It's as easy as that!

The Form Layout elements are dynamically displayed based on if they the element is configured or not. If you inactivate an element (for example, if you decided you no longer wished to have a Fine Print section on your form), it will no longer appear on your form, and it will no longer display in the Form Layout tool. Be aware, as you sort elements in the Form Layout tool, hidden elements like your disabled Fine Print may get sorted to the bottom of the Form Layout tool and when the element gets reactivated it may be at the bottom which seems odd, but is perfectly normal. All sections in the Form Layout tool can be disabled.

You have the option to add Spacers or Rules between Form Layout elements. If you decide not to have one, click the red trash icon on the right hand side to delete it. If you decide to add a Spacer or a Rule between sections, hover your mouse over the Form Layout element. The Spacer or Rule option will appear (i.e. if you wish to add one of these between Main Content and Button & Links, hover your mouse over Main Content element). You will see two green buttons appear on the right that allow you to pick either a Spacer or a Rule. Click on your desired choice.  You may also add more than one option between any of the elements should you so choose.

Spacers default to 25px height and Rules default with 25px for top and bottom margin. These vales can be adjusted. Also, they have the drag and drop functionality, so if you wish to move one, you can do it just as easily as moving a section!

Header Image

If you have an image that you’d like to use, you are able to upload it in the Image section under the Header Image collapsible. Recommended image size is between 800 to 1000 pixels wide by 250 to 400 pixels tall at 72 dpi. The recommended format is PNG or JPG. When in doubt, check with your marketing department!

The Image Alt Tag allows you to add a short description for your image that is accessible to screen readers or shows as text if the image doesn’t load.

Main Content

The Headline text can be edited based on a general title or purpose of the form (i.e. “Support the Orchestra Today!” or “Keep Making a Difference” etc.). It is not a required section and can be blank.
The Headline Color can be edited with a hex code or RGB specific colors to match your branding. This will only affect your Headline text on this page. The headline color in your Main Content and in your Thank You page are separate; don’t forget to change the color on the Thank You page, too!
The Body Copy can be edited to specific verbiage and can be entered and edited in the text box provided.
  • Please note - Within the body of your text, you can include inline HTML and CSS to additionally style.
The Body Copy Color can be edited with a hex code or RGB specific colors. This will only affect the text in the body of the form.

The Fine Print section is an editable text box that allows you to add purchase information or legal information if you choose.  This text color can be changed by using the color editor under the Fine Print Color or by entering a hex code in the text box.  If you include a link in your fine print, the global settings above will ensure that the color matches whatever color is chosen.  If you elect to have no fine print on your form, you can leave this section blank.

Buttons & Links

Depending on the amount of buttons to which your Launch form will link, you are able to configure and customize how this will look in this section.

The Number of Columns is a dropdown menu that allow you to choose between 1, 2, or 3 columns, again, depending on the number of forms to which you'll be linking.

As you may have noticed, all of our Donate2, Stream2, and Flex2 Forms are mobile first.  That being said, should you decide to display your buttons in the 2 or 3 column grid, you will receive the above notification.  In order to have an accurate view of this grid setup, you will need to open your form on a new browser window since it will not show in the display on the right side of your screen.

The Vertical Space and Horizontal Space sections are editable text boxes that allow you to adjust the space between each button.  If you only have one column, the Horizontal Space will probably not be used; however, if you have 2 or 3 columns, the Horizontal Space will adjust the number of pixels between the buttons in the columns.

The Return Button is a dropdown option that allows you to activate a "Back" button that is viewable on each of the linked forms.  It will appear on the linked forms as this: The Return Button Location is also a dropdown option that allow you to choose where your Return button appears.  You have the option for it to appear at the Top, Bottom, or Both sections of your linked form.

Each of the button options has drag and drop functionality allowing you to adjust the order of your buttons on the Launch form.  Clicking into the options for your linked forms looks like this: 

The Button Display Name defaults to the name of the connected form, but can be changed in the editable text box if you so choose.  In the example above, the form name is Gala Tables, but you could change it to something like "Purchase a Gala Table" or something similar. This is the text that will appear on the button on your form. You are also able to add some CSS styling within the text box if you wish the text to appear bolded, italicized, etc.  You have a limit of 60 characters in your button name. 

The Button Color and Hover Button Color can be changed by clicking the color box and selecting a color from the color editor or by entering a hex code in the text box. The Button Color is the color appears when the Launch form loads; the Hover button is the color that appears if you hover or click on a particular button.

The Button Text Color and Hover Button Text Color work in the same fashion as your button color, just for the text that appears in your button!  The Button Text Color is what appears when the form loads; the Hover Button Text Color is what appears if you hover or click on a particular button.

The Copy Below Button is an editable text box that allows you to add text below your button.  This is not a required section and can be left blank if you so choose.  You are able to change the color of this text by clicking into the color editor or by entering a hex code in the text box in the Copy Text Color section.

The Form Link is a dropdown option that allows you to change the connected form if you so choose.

The External Link is an option to include a hyperlink to an outside source if you so choose.  If a form is selected, this option is automatically disabled.

If you wish to connect an additional form and thus, create a new button, all you need to do is click the green "+ Add Button" option at the bottom of your button options. You will be able to select a form under Form Link or add a hyperlink in External Link and then configure the rest of your settings as normal.

Return Button

If the Return Button option is disabled above, this collapsible will be greyed out and inaccessible until enabled.

The Text option is an editable text box that allows you to change the text your return button shows.  This option defaults to "Return to menu," but could be anything from "Back" to "Take me home!"  It's up to you!  The color of this text can be changed by selecting the color editors or by entering hex codes in the text boxes for Text Color and Hover Text Color.  The Hover option works exactly as the buttons above in the Button editor section: The Text Color is what appears when the form loads; the Hover Text Color is what appears if you hover or click on the Return button.

The Return Button Color and Hover Color can be changed by clicking the color box and selecting a color from the color editor or by entering a hex code in the text box. The Return Button Color is the color appears when the form loads; the Hover button is the color that appears if you hover or click on the Return button.

The Return Button Outline Color and Hover Outline Color can be changed by clicking the color box and selecting a color from the color editor or by entering a hex code in the text box. The Outline Color is the color appears when the form loads; the Hover Outline Color is the color that appears if you hover or click on a on the Return button.

You are able to preview changes to this button in the Return Button Preview that appears below these settings.  Additionally, in your form preview to the right of the screen, if you click on one of your buttons, it takes you to the preview of that form.  You are also able to preview changes there if you wish.  To adjust the button size, you are able to enter a pixel number or a percentage in the Button Width text box and preview it below the text box.

Social Sharing Previews

When working in this section, if you click on the Preview button, it will take you to www.socialsharepreview.com where you will be able to view what your link looks like when shared on various social media platforms. Please keep in mind that www.socialsharepreview.com caches your form, so if any changes are made, click the blue button in the top right corner to refresh the link.
Social Sharing Previews does not share or post the form to social media on your behalf. This is a tool to configure the preview and analytics when you or your patrons choose to share the form. 


Landing Page

After clicking into the Gala Tables option: 

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