Tessitura TEST and LIVE Links

With our Tessitura integration, you are able to connect your LIVE environment as well as one TEST environment to Donate2. Whenever you see TEST or LIVE in all caps, know we are talking about the connection the form has to the specific Tessitura environment. You may call your environments production and beta or Mo and Curly, but we refer to them as TEST and LIVE for consistency. 

Each form in Donate2 has a connection to both TEST and LIVE. Depending on how your organization has things set up, you may never use your TEST links or only during the set up of your first few forms.

The TEST link for a form skips Stripe completely, allowing you to complete the form as many times as you'd like without payment actually processing. The TEST link enter the information into your TEST Tessitura environment and is how you can easily test and troubleshoot funds, receipts, and other Tessitura side components. Never share a TEST link to a form with the public. 
The LIVE link is the real deal. It goes through all steps, including Stripe. You can use your LIVE link for testing too, just know that it will actually charge the credit card you use. If you need to process refunds from testing or anything like that, you'll do that directly in your Stripe account. The LIVE link to a form is what you'll share with the public.