Flex2 Ehanced Flex - Combine Tessitura Funds/On Account

Traditionally, the Flex2 Enhanced Donation Form allowed you to select what Fund or On Account you wanted for the the Button(s), Add-On Donation and Cover Cost as shown for each area below.

  • Button(s)

    In the pricing configuration collapsible for each button you can configure the Tessitura settings for Fund or On Account
  • Add-On Donation

    In the Add-On Donation collapsible you can configure the Tessitura settings for Fund or On Account
  • Cover Cost

    In the Cover Cost collapsible you can configure the Tessitura settings for Fund or On Account

This would create an entry in Tessitura for any of the items that were selected by your patron.

If the patron selected a button (at least one button is always selected), added a donation and covered the cost. This would create an order in Tessitura that had the following 3 entries on the order even though the Add-On Donation and the Cover Cost are destined for the same fund.

  • Button: $247.00 placed into On Account: Advancement
  • Add-On Donation: $10.00 placed into Annual Fund
  • Cover Cost: $19.58 placed into Annual Fund

There is a Tessitura collapsible on the form that allows you to select what to combine. The options are: Button, Add-On, and the Cover Cost. When we state "When Possible", you have to have matching destination(s) in order to combine them.

By default nothing is selected and nothing will be combined. If your Button, Add-On Donation, and Cover are all different destination, this feature will not do anything.
You can select any or all of the items, if they match, they will be combined into 1 entry in Tessitura

Here are some examples of when you would want to use this feature.

Prevent a Membership Error

  • Button: Membership Fund

  • Add-On Donation: Membership Fund

  • Cover Cost: Membership Fund

This configuration would cause an error in Tessitura

Resource: Web/Cart/Contributions

"Description": "Multiple membership contributions to the same Membership Organization are not allowed."

By combining all of the items into 1 entry, there will be no error.

Make the Donation parts (Add-On and Cover Cost) go into the same entry

  • Button: On Account Advancement

  • Add-On Donation: Annual Fund

  • Cover Cost: Annual Fund

By combining the Add-On and Cover Cost into 1 entry, it can make the process easier for the development team and acknowledgment letter.

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