Flex2 Enhanced Flex - Buttons to Dropdown Menu

The Flex2 Enhanced Flex Form has an additional option for the display of buttons. Buttons can be rendered as a dropdown menu. This makes an Flex2 Enhanced Flex Form that has 10, 20, 30 or even 40 buttons easier to use. You can set the width of the drop down menu along with a title.

The Dropdown feature is located in the Button Layout along with the Flex and Grid layout options.

Dropdown Options

Button Layout

You can select Dropdown to put the form into a mode that will render the buttons as a single dropdown menu.

Dropdown Width

Set the width of the dropdown menu in pixels, rem, or percentage. Example values may be 250px or 10rem or 50%. Leaving the field blank is the same as 100%.

Trigger Button Count

When your count of buttons gets to the number you entered, the form will revert back to rendering buttons. Examples values would be 6 or 5. Once the number of buttons available to be displayed is less than or equal to the number you entered, buttons will be rendered rathe than the dropdown menu.

This feature would typically be used in conjunction with the Off-Sale by count feature. You may have 40 buttons that represent the number of tickets you can purchase as a dropdown menu. The total available tickets in the Off-Sale may be 2,000 tickets. Each button knows how many tickets it sold and eventually the number of tickets available will be down to 100 tickets available, then 30, then 10 and eventually the available count will be at your Trigger Button Count threshold. At that point buttons will start to render.

Dropdown Title

If you want to provide a title for the dropdown menu you can enter it in the field. You can be as brief as "Qty" or as verbose as "Please select the quantity of tickets you would like to purchase from the dropdown menu" or somewhere in between with "Select A Ticket Quantity". This title is bold by default.

Dropdown Title Color

Select the color or enter the hex value for the Dropdown Title text.

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