Flex2 Enhanced - Delayed Start Date

Available on the Flex2 Enhanced Flex Form

The Delayed Start Date feature allows you to use a Stripe Product/Price that is configured as "Recurring" to charge on a future date. It uses the Trial functionality in Stripe. The form collects a Payment Method and set it for future use and then sets an anchor date on the recurring subscription. No payment is charged at the time the form is submitted. On the anchor date, the payment is charged.

Delayed Start Date only works with Stripe Products.

Some form features will be disabled and/or should not be used.

Disabled: Add-On Donations, Cover Cost, and Set Password

Not compatible: Form based Promo-codes, Stripe Products/Price that are set for "One-Time"

Here are the steps in the flow

  • The Flex2 Enhanced Flex Form is configured with a Recurring Stripe Product/Price
  • The Delayed Start Date for the Stripe Product/Price is configured for a future date
  • Patron loads and completes the form
  • The Patron sees the Thank You Page (use specific language that explains the 1st Subscription payment is delayed)
  • The Patron is sent the Message Manager email configured in the 3. Delayed Subscription message
  • On the Delayed Date, Stripe will process payment for the Subscription
  • As a result of the charge, the Patron will be sent the Message Manager email configured in the 1. Time Of Purchase - Not A Gift message
  • After that, the subscription will charge as normal.

Delayed Start Date is available in the Pricing Configuration Collapsible in each button configuration.

Each Stripe Product has the Delayed Start Date field.

Enter the date you want the subscription to start.

A new option is available for sending a Message Manager email for a Delayed Subscription is available. At the time of sending the email, there is no transaction and therefore, no tokens. This email should be written informing the customer of the delay.

Build a Message Manager email that can be assigned to the form.

Attach the Message Manager

When looking in Stripe these Subscriptions will have a trial applied showing the end date for when the Subscription will start charging.

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