ACH U.S. Banks - Customer Connection Flow

The following is the flow customer experience when using ACH U.S. Banks after the form is loaded.

Step 1
The customer fills in their email and full name and searches for their Bank. If the customer opts to enter the bank details manually this will follow Steps 2A and 2B. The process of manually entering the bank details will take longer for approval.

Step 2A
Optionally, the customer may decide to connect their account manually. If so, they enter their routing and account number.

Step 2B
Once the routing and account number are entered and submitted, the customer will receive a message about the micro deposit that will show up in their account. Continue to Step 5

Step 2
Once the customers bank is found, they agree to connect.

Step 3
To connect, the customer logs into their account and then checks all the boxes and clicks Authorize.

Step 4
Once the connection is made, the customer agrees to move forward and continue.

Step 5
The ACH details are connected and ready. The payment button becomes active. The form is now ready to submit the ACH Payment Method for processing.

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