"Other Amount" Exclusively

This feature gives you the ability to set a form so that Other Amount is the only option available and no default amount is required

Within your "Donation Frequency & Amounts" collapsible, you'll see this option under the Frequency Options dropdown.

To enable this feature, you will need to set the Include Other Field to Yes (Exclusively).  This will remove all other donation amount options from your form and leave only an Other Field text box.

You are able to edit the placeholder text in the Other Amount Text section.  This option defaults to "Other amount," but you can change this text within the editable text box to say "Enter your donation amount" or "Contribute to Swan Lake" or whatever you want!

Once you've made your edits, you'll be able to see them displayed on the form.  This works with Monthly only, One-Time, or a combination of any Recurring options.

Keep in mind that the Other Amount field only supports whole numbers.

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