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Brightcove Countdown Timer

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This feature is only available for the Stream2 Brightcove Plugin.

The Countdown Timer feature allows you to add a Countdown Timer to a specific Brightcove video in order to let your customers know when the content will be available to stream.

  • A video can only have one Countdown Timer configured at a time.
  • When the Countdown Timer gets to 00:00:00:00:00, the current page will refresh and the video will be available to stream.
  • The maximum countdown time is 1 year.

There are many ways to creatively use the Countdown Timer. For example, if you have a subscription model and you have Live streams coming up, rather than presenting a "Poster" image with no messaging, you could include a Countdown Timer that better informs your customers.

If you are selling Fixed length access (not Rolling) for On Demand rentals with a pre-sale approach, you could return the patron to the video after the purchase and present a Countdown Timer indicating when the video will be available. 

An example: If your video is available for sale now, but won't be published for viewing until 1 month from now and the customer has 30 days to watch the video, everyone can purchase, see the Countdown Timer, and receive a Magic Link via email. They can return using the Magic Link or by Signing In during the 30 day viewing period and watch the video. If they return sooner that is fine, they will see the Countdown Timer letting them know that the video will be available in "X" amount of time.

This is what a subscriber would see when signed in without a Countdown Timer.

This is what a subscriber would see when signed in with a Countdown Timer.

You will find the Countdown Timer feature in the Stream2 Video Protection Configuration you have connected to a Brightcove Gallery. The Countdown Timer is a collapsible that you can configure.

Select the Brightcove Video you wish to protect with a Countdown Timer.

Release Date/Time
Set a Release Date/Time or leave it blank if you don't want the Countdown Timer to display yet.

Select the timezone you want the Countdown Timer calculated from.

Event Starts Top Text
Update the default text for the Top Text and Bottom Text. You can leave these blank if you don't want any text displayed.

Event Starts Bottom Text
Update the text displayed in the timer. You can be specific like: "Live performance starts in:" or "The performance will be available in:"

Add A New Video Countdown Timer
You can configure multiple Countdown Timers, but only one Countdown Timer per video.

You can delete a Countdown Timer. You will need to confirm this action before the Countdown Timer is deleted.

Here is an example of what that video with a Countdown Timer would look like to a customer.

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