What is Stream2?

Stream2 Forms are included in every account.

Stream2 is a type of form that has specific features that make it perfect for selling access to digital content and comes in several flavors - Flex, Brightcove, and others.

Examples of how organization can use Stream2

Season Subscriptions
Similar to what you have done in seasons past: Complete season, 7 series, 5 series, 4 series, 3 series each for a specific one-time charge.

Subscription (like Netflix) 
A monthly or yearly auto renewing price for everything in your Subscription product.
Offer a trial 2, 7, 14 Day whatever your organization wants to configure (billing starts when the trial

Single Stream
A one-time cost to access a content for "X" amount of time.

Free Registration / Comp Tickets
Access to sample content for Free

Presale Mode
Sell access, collect payment, update Tessitura all before your content is available. Hold the access details until the release date.

When its time to take a product off-sale. Setup your message and links here.

Use a Promocode to adjust a price

Gift Certificate Redemption
Tessitura Gift certificates can be applied to a form to reduce the price or eliminate the cost completely.

So much more...

Stream2 enables you to monetize digital content and make digital ticketing simple with a complete end-to-end Tessitura Integration like you’ve never seen before. This includes a powerful presale mode, easy-to-use gifting capabilities, and a blazing fast checkout process to make the experience even better for your patrons. To top it off, there are twelve possible messages to customize within the customer journey. This allows you to easily provide personalized communication about their order or gift though Stream2. Stream2 was built in partnership with the San Francisco Ballet, allowing us to optimize and enhance features to fit the unique needs of the Tessitura community. 

San Francisco Ballet used a Stream2: Flex Form with the Gifting option enabled for their Nutcracker Online sales.

San Francisco Ballet used a Stream2: Form with the Gifting option enabled for their 2021 Digital Season sales.

Tessitura Integration with Stream2

In addition to the core Tessitura Integration that is included with Donate2, Stream2 has additional integration points for seamless sales of ticketed events or digital content. You have the ability for a purchase to be made as a seated or unseated ticketed performance, as a donation to a Fund or to an On Account payment method in Tessitura. Also, you can set multiple PriceTypes and Promo Codes, along with setting a constituency. We will be releasing the ability to redeem Tessitura Gift Certificates, cover costs for donation based transactions, a self service customer portal, and box office tools for access management in the coming weeks. 

Brightcove Form

A Stream2 Brightcove Form allows you to sell access to content you have in your organization's Brightcove experience galleries.

  • Brightcove Integration
  • Tessitura Integration and Authentication
  • Webhook (optional)
  • Messaging - twelve points of the customer experience

Vimeo OTT Form

A Stream2 Vimeo OTT Form allows you to sell access to content you have in your organization's Vimeo OTT account.  A Stream2 Vimeo OTT Form can sell a Season Subscription (SVOD) and individual Pay-Per-View videos (TVOD).

  • Vimeo OTT Integration
  • Tessitura Integration 
  • Webhook (optional)
  • Messaging - twelve points in the customer experience

Flex Form 

A Stream2 Flex Form gives you flexibility! You could use a Flex Form for selling tickets to in person events or to sell access to digital content through a 3rd party using our Webhook functionality. 

  • Tessitura Integration
  • Webhook (optional)
  • Messaging - twelve points of the customer experience

Stream2 is included in every Donate2 account. Your organization is responsible for your own Stripe, Tessitura, Vimeo or Brightcove accounts. If you'd like to learn more about Donate2 or Stream2, please reach out to us at hello@donate2.com. 

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