Gallery Level Protection: Magic Links

Gallery Level Protection: Magic Links

Within Gallery Level protection, you will have two options for access to your gallery: Magic Links and Passcodes.  Within this article, we will cover how the Magic Links work.

Main Gallery Level Protection Page

To begin, click on the Brightcove option on the left side of your screen from your dashboard.  By default, it should load immediately to your Gallery Level Protection tab.  You will see the Portal or In Page gallery types in this section, but for this example, all options are listed as Portals.  Click here for more information about gallery level protection for Portal types; click here for more information about gallery level protection for In-Page types.  

Product Drop Down

To the right side of each product name, you will see a green arrow.  Clicking on this arrow shows you the Magic Link Generator and the Passcodes option.

The Magic Link Generator takes you to the Magic Link Generator page (continued below).  This option is used to provide access to a recipient via a Message Manager email that includes the Magic Link token.  The Magic Link gives the recipient easy, one-click access to your content.

The Passcodes option allows you to provide a passcode for access to content rather than a link.  When a Passcode is redeemed, the recipient will be required to enter an email address.  

Both of these options can be used in may different instances such as providing Board members or VIPs early access to your streaming content.  

Magic Link Generator Page

When you select the Magic Link Generator option, you will be redirected to the following page: 

The Type of Magic Link is a dropdown option that allows you to choose whether your Magic Link is single use or multiple use.  

The Magic Link Device Limit is also a dropdown option.  This allows you to specify how many devices one link will allow.  For example, if the Magic Link Device Limit is set to 2, as in the example above, the Magic Link can be accessed from only two devices (such as a computer and a tablet).  The dropdown limit is 10; however, there is also an option for Unlimited which will allow the Magic Link to be accessed from any devices as many times as the user wants.

The Access Start Date & Time lets you set the date and time that the Magic Link will allow access to your content.  This is set by clicking on the calendar icon to the right of the text box.

The Access End Date & Time lets you set the date and time that access to your content will no longer be available via the Magic Link.  This is also set by clicking on the calendar icon to the right of the text box.

Under Select Your Customer List,  there are several options which are detailed below:

Upload Type

There are three available options for Upload Type:

The CSV option allows you to upload a CSV of your choice.  This CSV can be one that your organization put together or one downloaded from Tessitura.

When this option is selected, you will be able to upload the CSV in the CSV Upload text box by either clicking into the text area or clicking the "Browse" button to the right.

The Tessitura List Manager List accesses your Tessitura database and allows you to choose an available list from there.

So long as you know the name of the list in your database, you will be able to access it via the dropdown menu under Tessitura List Manager List.  If you would like to add a specific output set, you may add it via the Tessitura Output Set dropdown menu.  In each instance, you will be able to search in the text box you see when you click on either option.  You will need to enter at least three characters to search.

The Individual Upload option allows you to enter a single customer's information within your 2Account environment.

For this option to function, you will need the individual's First Name, Last Name, and E-mail Address.  You will also need to confirm the email address via the E-mail Address Confirm text box.

Preview Data

Once you've uploaded your CSV file or chosen your Tessitura list, the Preview Data button will activate.

When you click on the Preview Data button, a pop-up window will appear and will contain the data within your file or list: E-mail, First Name, and Last Name.  If the data is correct, then you will see a green banner (as in the image) that tells you there were no errors found.  If errors are found, a red banner will appear that says that one or more errors were found and will highlight the incorrect data in red.  

At this point, you will have the option to Export Errors or Close the window.  If you export the errors, a new CSV will be downloaded that contain the incorrect data points.  Once you have corrected these points and uploaded a corrected CSV, you should see the green banner.  You can then close the window and move on to the next step.

Message Manager

The final step in creating your Magic Link is selecting the Message Manager email you wish to use. 

Only Message Manager email with the %magic_link% token within the text of the email will be displayed once you click on the dropdown.  If you do not see your Message Manager email listed, be sure to double check that the token is included and then try again.

Once you have selected the correct Message Manager email, you can now click on Generate Magic Links.

If you attempt to send the Message Manager email without the included token, you will receive an error in red:

Verify Generate Accounts

Once you have clicked Generate Magic Links, a verification window will appear: 

You will be sent a verification code to your email.  You are able to copy and paste that code into the six boxes in the verification window.  Once the code is entered, click on Verify.  This will generate the magic links and dispatch an email to the patrons that were listed in the uploaded CSV, Tessitura List, or the individual entered.

Dashboard Toast Message

Once the Message Manager emails are dispatched, you will receive this notice in the upper right corner of your screen:

This message does not automatically clear itself, so you will need to click the grey "X" to close it.

Congratulations!  You just successfully created your Magic Links!

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