Tessitura Integration

The Donate2 Tessitura Integration allows you to include a fund ID, Source ID, have the contribution logged on a constituent record, and a receipt sent making the process truly seamless. A donation made in Donate2 will appear alongside ticket purchases, membership or subscription details, and all that other good stuff in Tessitura. This allows you to have all of your data in one place, allowing for easy reconciliation and reporting without any manual data entry. Our integration uses standard Tessitura functionality, is compatible with consortiums, and is supported in partnership with Tessitura.

When you choose the Tessitura Integration with Donate2, Tessitura will reach out to you to help configure your integration. They will assist with whitelisting our servers, setting up the API user, and providing you the installation scripts if you are Self Hosted or installing it for you if you are RAMP. If you need assistance with your Tessitura Integration at any time, please contact Tessitura support. 

Once your integration is connected, there are a few items to configure in Donate2. The items below need to be configured for both your TEST and LIVE environments. More on that here


Login Type - Donate2 processes a donation through the API using standard web checkout functionality. We need to know what Login Type you want us to use during this process. Typically, it will be the same Login Type as you use for your website.
Payment Method - Donate2 uses Stripe to collect payment. In order to process an order in Tessitura, we need a Payment Method that allows us to checkout without a credit card (because that was already completed with Stripe). Typically, the payment Type will be "Other" and will be used for payments and refunds. For security, you should control this in the user group/payment method security setup with Tessitura.
No Matching Email Address - Donate2 will always look for a match on the email address using Tessitura's Guest Login. If it finds a matching email address, we use it to add a contribution on the Constituent record. If it does not find a matching email address, we have 2 options:
1. Create a new Constituent record (recommended approach)
2. Put the contribution order on the General Public record
New Constituent Settings - When Donate2 makes a new Constituent record, we need to define the Constituent Type (Typically Individual), Address Type (Typically Home), and the Original Source (Donate2).
Default Address - In the case where we need to create a new constituent record, your Tessitura setup may require a mailing address. Please provide a default mailing address just in case it is needed.

Note: If you want to use the State dropdown option of "Unknown", you must have the State "Unknown" setup in your Tessitura with a value of "XX".


Here you can choose your Web Template, Email Profile, and Friendly Receipt Name. Once you have filled out all three fields, you can click "+add" to save this receipt configuration to your account for use on a form. 


Here you can choose your Fund and enter a Fund Name.  Once you have filled out both fields, you can click "+add" to save this to your account for use on a form.