Shipping information can be collected for any Stream2 or Flex2 form. 

All Shipping Fields Are Required (Except Address Line 2).

The State and Country drop down menus will default to the State and Country of your organization and the example address information matches your organizations address.

The Shipping information will be saved to a CSI, added to the webhook payload and optionally can be sent out via a transactional Message Manager email for fulfillment purposes.

The transactional fulfillment email will send when the transaction happens for both presale and on-sale. This is immediate.
The webhook is queued for presale until release and is sent for on-sale.

Click here for to view the Message Manager help article that lists out all the tokens including the ones for shipping that can be used in the Message Manager.

You can rename the following items:

  • Shipping Address Form Label can be edited to reflect what is being delivered. "Ship the Chocolates to:"
  • State Label can be renamed Region, Territory, etc., depending on your countries needs or preferences.
  • Postal Code Label can be renamed to Zip Code, Post Code, etc., depending on your countries needs or preferences.

You can enable a shipping fulfillment email:

  • Select the email from the Message Manager drop down list.
  • Enter comma separated email addresses to receive a copy of the email anytime shipping is collected and a product needs to be fulfilled.Shipping can be added by itself to a form.

You can lock the shipping location:

  • Select a Country
  • Select a State
  • Enter a City or a comma separated list of Cities.

Shipping can be added to a form with gifting.

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