Free Registration

Free Registration

You can now present a "Free" option to your patrons and it will process into Tessitura.

1. Tessitura Performance and PriceType
You can use a comp ticket to offer free registration or access to physical and virtual events.

In this example below, Price Type ID 4 is the Comp ticket and Performance Id 190 is the performance.  

2. $0 Fund or $0 On Account
If the amount is equal to 0 we will skip the checkout transaction portion of the order. Typically, you would use this if you only wanted to set a constituency on the account.

In the pricing configuration, you can enter the price of 0 and the text you want displayed. FREE is the default.

When using a multi button configuration, you can have both a Free and paid options. When Free is selected and the amount is 0, the payment options are replaced with a registration form. 
You can mix a Free Registration with a paid transaction. When an amount greater than 0 is selected, the payment options are displayed.

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