Presentation Manager

The Presentation Manager allows you to create branded page templates for your forms. This helps you create a consistent brand experience anywhere a customer interacts. Presentation Manager templates can be applied when presenting the following to your customers: 

  • Donate2 Donation Form (at the time of donation) 
  • Stream2 Forms (at the time of purchase)
Presentation Manager Templates cannot be applied to Team Fundraising Forms. Team Fundraising has its own presentation format.

The Presentation Manager navigation is located in the right side drop down menu:

The Presentation Manager is available to the following user types:

  • Owner
  • Admin
  • Builder

The Presentation Manager lists the templates you have created with a last modified date.
You can also clone and delete these templates here. 

Using the +Add New button, you can create a new template.

Creating a new template will default with the following settings as a starting point. You can update and customize the template with the settings provided.

Top Bar
In the Top Bar section of the Presentation Manager, you can upload an image with your logo for the top bar of the form page, and you can select the image positioning from the dropdown. In addition, you can select a background color for the top bar using the color picker.

In the Background section of the Presentation Manager, you can upload a background image to display on the page behind the form. You also have the ability to add a top and bottom overlay color. By manipulating the color and opacity settings in the color picker, you can create an attractive gradient as shown in the examples at the end of this article.

In the Footer section of the Presentation Manager, you can add footer text using the HTML editor, and then you can select the footer bar color, text color and text alignment. 

Legal Bar
In the Legal Bar section of the Presentation Manager, you can add legal text using the HTML editor, and then you can select the legal bar color, text color and text alignment. We support the token %current_year% in the HTML field, so that you do not have to update the year, every year.

To get an idea of what your form will look like before releasing to the public, you can preview a template using the "Preview Form" button. The donation form presented is for representational purposes only. To apply a template to your actual form, go to the Form Editor and use the Templates collapsable.

Here are a few examples of templates that organizations have created: