Setting up your Brightcove API Credentials

To complete your Brightcove integration, select the Brightcove menu on the left hand navigation of your 2Account. Additionally, you will need to be logged into your Brightcove Video Cloud account in another tab. To configure and authenticate your 2Account and Brightcove, you will need to provide the Brightcove Client ID, Client Secret, and Account ID

Please keep in mind: Your Client Secret will only be available once.  Be sure to keep this Client Secret in a secure location.

In your Brightcove account, you will need to begin with your API Authentication.  To access this, hover your mouse over or click the "Admin" dropdown menu in the upper right side of your screen and then click on "API Authentication."  

Click on the "Register New Application" button.  This will bring up the following window: 

Name the application. We highly suggest you name it "Stream2".

You can add an optional description if you'd like, but this is not required.

Scroll down on the page to the "Exposed Brightcove APIs."  We recommend you select all of these options.  These can be edited at a later time if needed.

Click "Save."

Once saved, your Client ID and Client Secret will be available.  Copy and paste these to their respective fields of your Brightcove API Integration within your 2Account.

Once you click "Okay, I copied it" the window will close and you will no longer have access to your Client Secret.

The last step is to copy your Account ID from your Brightcove account. Return to your Brightcove account and hover over or click on the "Admin" dropdown menu and click on "Account Information."  This will have your Account ID available to you.  Copy and paste this into the Account ID field of your Brightcove API Integration within your 2Account.

As soon as all three credentials are filled out, click "Save Credentials."  This will then authenticate your 2Account account with your Brightcove account.  If everything is successful, you'll see a green smiley face!

Congratulations!  You're now officially connected to Brightcove!

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