Once you've connected your Twilio account, you're ready to get started with Text2Donate! 

 1. Configure up to 5 Text2Donate Keywords and reply details

  • Enter a Keyword (not case sensitive)
  • Select a Phone Number
  • Select a Donate2 Form
  • Enter a Reply Message
  • Enter an optional Vanity URL. For this to work, you must set this up outside of Donate2, it's not automatic or magic. Typically, this is done by making an edit to your website to handle your Vanity URL but then redirect it to your Donate2 form.

2. Test your phone number and keyword

Do what a donor will do...Text the keyword to your Twilio number to make sure everything looks good and works correctly. 

Once you tap on the link, it will open in your devices default browser where the Donate2 form will load and a donation can be made.

3. Promote the phone number and keyword

Let the world know you are accepting donations with SMS and let them see how easy it is.

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