Twilio Integration

Our Twilio Integration uses keywords to trigger a link to a 2Account form to be sent back. Once the form is loaded, donors are just one-click away from making a donation. This makes it easy to give folks the option to donate when they are visiting you in person, watching your live stream from their couch, seeing a print ad while walking down the street or anywhere they have cell reception. We call this Text2Donate. If your organization isn't using Twilio already, you'll need to set up an account in order to use this feature of Donate2. 

1. Create your Twilio account

You can do that here.

2. Acquire an SMS phone number from Twilio

You will need to purchase a phone number from Twilio. This is usually only a few dollars a month. From the dashboard you can click on the # menu and then "Buy a Number". You will choose from a list of phone numbers, typically you'll want to choose one with your local area code. The rest is pretty easy!

You will also need to purchase your text messages directly from Twilio. There is a cost for the incoming request and the outgoing reply. Learn about Twilio SMS pricing here.

3. Copy your Account SID and Auth Token into Donate2

From your Twilio account dashboard you will see the Account SID and you will need to click the "view" link to see the Auth Token. Copy them so you can paste them into Donate2.

4. Paste your Account SID and Auth Token into Donate2

Once you've entered your Account SID and Auth Token into Donate2, click the "Save API Connection" button.

Now that you've integrated your Twilio and Donate2 accounts, you can get Text2Donate configured. 

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