Prospect2 - Marketing Communications Opt-in

On the Prospect2 Integration page you can turn on Marketing Communications, which gives your donors the option to opt-in to marketing communications with the tap or click of a checkbox while making their donation. When this is enabled, you'll choose which List the email addresses will be added to in Prospect2. The Tag "donate2-mkt_opt-in" will be added to the email address as well. What you do from there is up to you! You could trigger an automation that will manage all of your GDPR compliance needs, send a follow up thank you email, or personalize their first donor newsletter with information about their donation. 

To configure the Marketing Communications, follow these steps once your API is connected:

  1. Select a List from your Prospect2 account. The name of the List in your Pro2 account might be different than our example, but the most common selection is whatever is your main marketing List. 
  2. Enter or update your Opt-In text. The preview will give you an idea of how this will look. 
  3. Save your options.

Once you have this the way you'd like, you can use the Enabled or Disabled feature to apply the availability of this feature across all your forms. 

You can set Marketing Opt-In feature to  "Yes" or "No" in the Payment Page section of each individual Donate2 form. This feature is never set to "Yes" a form by default. You can customize the color of the check box too! 

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