Prospect2 Integration

Donate2's Prospect2 integration allows you to seamlessly connect the two accounts to enhance the experience for your donors. This integration makes it easy to stay in touch with them by offering a marketing communications opt-in on the form. With our integration, you'll have detailed donation data in Pro2 available for you to use. With this data you're able to trigger automations, tailor conditional content, segment, and personalize your communication with donors even more. Also, we offer the ability to turn on site tracking with a click of a button. See below to learn more about what each of the different elements of the Pro2 integration offers! 

CX Integration 

This integration gives you access to information about a donors most recent donation, right on their email address in Prospect2. The available custom fields are...

  • First and Last Name (Standard Fields)
  • Latest Donate2 Date (Date of the donation)
  • Latest Donate2 Stripe ID (Stripe Transaction ID)
  • Latest Donate2 Form (The name of the form)
  • Latest Donate2 Form ID (6 Digit code of the form)
  • Latest Donate2 Type (One Time, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly)
  • Latest Donate2 Default Amount (The amount first presented to the donor)
  • Latest Donate2 Amount (The amount the donated including cover cost)
  • Latest Donate2 Covered Cost (If applicable the amount the donor covered)
  • Latest Donate2 Donation Level (Less than ask, matched, up to up to 2x, 3x, or More than free)
  • Latest Donate2 Payment Card (Type of credit card)
  • Latest Donate2 Digital Wallet (If applicable apple_pay, google_pay, microsoft_pay)
  • Latest Donate2 Fund (Tessitura Fund)
  • Latest Donate2 Source (Tessitura Source)
  • Latest Donate2 Channel (Tessitura Channel)
  • Latest Donate2 Receipt (Tessitura Receipt)
  • Latest Donate2 Address Line 1 (If available)
  • Latest Donate2 Address Line 2 (If available)
  • Latest Donate2 City (If available)
  • Latest Donate2 State (If available)
  • Latest Donate2 Postal Code (Always available)
  • Latest Donate2 Country (If available)
  • Latest Donate2 Phone (If available)

Here is an example of fields completed after a donation transaction

These custom fields show information about the most recent donation that email address has made using one of your Donate2 forms. You can select which custom fields you would like to map. The CX integration does not provide a historical record (check out Ecommerce Deep Data if you're looking for that!). Because this integration updates custom fields, you can use these to create segments, trigger or branch automations, add personalization to an email campaign and more! Each time a donation is made using that email address, these custom fields will be updated. 

Two tags are also added to the email address in Pro2 through the CX integration. These are identified with the Donate2 icon next to the tag in your Pro2 account.

  • donate2-integration
  • donate2-integration-FORM_NAME

Looking to kick off an Automation? Use the Automation Start Trigger with the Donate2 icon! This trigger looks for when a form is received. You can use this to tag contacts based on their behavior, send a thank you email, or follow up with them a little later to show their impact. The "Donate2 form is received" trigger can only be set to run once. If you'd like the email addresses to enter the automation if they donate again, use when a field "Latest Donate2 Stripe ID" changes action.

Ecommerce Deep Data

This records each donation directly on the record for the email address in Prospect2. This displays not only their most recent donation, but also any donations using Donate2 that they have made in the past. The Deep Data integration includes different data points than the CX integration. 

Ecommerce Deep Data shows up in the recent activities section of a contact record, as well as in its own nifty little section in the body of the page as well.

The currency you use in Stripe will determine the currency that is displayedThe currency for your Deep Data donations are set by your currency setting in Stripe.

You can see an overview of the below information for an email address.

  • Total Revenue
  • Total Orders
  • Purchased Products

As well as the below information for each unique donation.

  • Order
  • Total
  • Date
  • Status

A Tag of "donate2-customer" is added to the email address through this process  as well.

Looking to kick off an Automation? Use the trigger "makes a purchase", field changes "Latest Donate2 Stripe ID, or use the CX App when a Donate2 form is received to trigger the contact into the automation when a donation is made. 

If you are on the Gold or Platinum plan, you'll start to see this information show up in your revenue reporting. 

Site Tracking

We can add site tracking for you with just a click of a button. When this is turned on site tracking will be added to all of your forms automatically, allowing you to track (and take action on!) website behavior in Prospect2. 

Event Tracking

This allows you to pass events from your 2Account and record them into Prospect2. For example, with our Brightcove integration Cue Points in a video can trigger events and pass them onto Prospect2 - Started Watching or Completed Watching are two simple examples. These events can add tags, trigger automations and so much more.

Marketing Communication 

This allows you to give folks the option to opt-in to your marketing communication. When this is turned on, you'll have the option to add it to the donation form. This integration will subscribe the email address to the Prospect2 List you have selected, as well as add the Tag "donate2-mkt_opt-in" indicating they have given consent. From there, you can send them on a journey through an automation or just say thanks!

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