Donate2 Enhanced Donation Form Updates

Our Donate2 Enhanced Donation Form just got a major upgrade!

Upgrading Your Forms

Once you preview your form with the tools described below, and it looks good. Go ahead and set it to the "Updated Form" mode. That is all you need to do.

Important Date

On July 31, 2024 at 9PM Central, all Donate2 Enhanced Donation Forms will switch to the new update automatically.

We've made upgrading your existing Enhanced Donation Forms easy

We've highlighted any of the Donate2 Enhanced Donation forms that need your attention in red. If the form is not being used, it is best to archive it and set a redirect (if needed).

The Form Type dropdown will allow you to switch back and forth between an Original Form and an Updated Form. The "View as Updated" link will allow you to preview your form (pop-up) before making the switch.


You'll use these tools to preview the look and style of your current Enhanced Donation Forms. If it looks good, convert it by setting the Form Type to "Updated Form".


You don't need to run a transaction to test the form. The transaction will work. This is about the styling and any Custom CSS that may have been applied to your forms typically through the use of the Presentation Manger in the Scripts & Styles collapsible.

If you encounter any styling issues, you can make the necessary adjustments. Most forms will convert smoothly. However, if your organization has extensive custom CSS styling, you might need to update it to accommodate the new features we've added.

Custom Donation Frequency & Amounts 

You can set different ask amounts for One-Time, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Annual donations. This allows you to tailor your Monthly ask amounts to be more appropriate compared to the larger ask amounts for One-Time or Annual donations. 

Match Programs

Introducing the new match token and financial goal bar multiplier for your 2x, 3x, or 4x match programs! These features make it easy to showcase the incredible impact and generosity of your patrons' contributions, including when they Cover Cost. Your forms and receipts can now accurately reflect the details of your match programs, ensuring clear communication with your supporters.

Match Multiplier will render the Financial Goal Bar using the multiplier value so you can see the overall impact the Match Program has on meeting your goals.

Message Manager Tokens for Match Program Receipts

New Payment Options including Amazon Pay and Cash App Pay

With this update, we're transitioning from the Stripe Legacy Card Element to the Stripe Payment Element.

Availability Disclaimer

Payment Options are available based on the country of your organization and sometimes the country of your patron. The Stripe Payment Element is smart enough to handle all of this.

Action you can take

When you move to the updated format, these new payment options will be available for you to enable on a per form basis. By default Credit Cards, Digital Wallets for Apple Pay and Google Pay and Link are available. It's up to you what additional payment options you want to enable.

You’re already familiar with some of these newer payment options through our Flex2 family of forms.

The Stripe Payment Element includes all the payment methods you have used in the past like Credit Cards, Digital Wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. You'll now see Cash App Pay, Amazon Pay, Klarna, and Affirm. As Stripe adds payment options, they will become available for you to enable on your forms.

Address - State field auto-populates

Based on the location of the patron when filling out the form, the state field will default to the state they are in. If we can't determine the state, it will default to the state the organization is from.

So many updates

We've made over 20 small updates to the Enhanced Donation Form, making it easier than ever for you to create exactly what you want.

You can insert text anywhere you want on the form using the Text element in the Form layout Collapsible.

You can name the Stripe One-Time Transaction and Stripe Recurring (Subscription) located at the bottom of the Donation Frequency & Amounts Collapsible.

You can name the Payments section of your form from the options field and color selector located at the top of the Payments Option collapsible.

The Payment and Register Button has always been difficult to find. It has a new home at the bottom of the Payment Options collapsible. You will find this in both the Enhanced Donation and the Enhanced Flex Forms.

Special Activities are available in the Enhanced Questions collapsible. You can now make what was always a free registration into a donate to attend event.

Google Spreadsheets can collect Enhanced Question data.

Cover Cost can be set to "Same as donation" so it result in a blended donation amount in Tessitura as one line item with notes showing the breakout of the base donation and the Cover Cost amounts.

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