Sunsetting Quick Donation Forms & Tessitura TEST Connection

Starting June 30, 2024 the Donate2 Quick Donation Forms can no longer be created or cloned.

With the advancements of the Donate2 Enhanced Donation Form and Stripe's limited support and security updates for the Stripe Legacy Card Element, we have removed the ability to create or clone a Donate2 Quick Donation Form.

Existing Donate2 Quick Donation Forms will continue to function normally, but we strongly encourage you to transition any remaining Donate2Quick Donation Forms to the Donate2 Enhanced Donation Form for improved performance and security.

In the future, we will give ample notice before the Donate2 Quick Donation Forms stop processing transactions. You will have the option to redirect to your new Enhanced Donation Form.

Additionally, we will be removing the TEST connection to Tessitura since it is no longer used by the newer forms.

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