Google Account Integration - Spreadsheets

Currently, we integrate with Google Sheets to record Enhanced Question data. We integrate your Google Account at the 2Account Level. We integrate with the spreadsheets at the Form level. You connect your Google Account and then you configure each Form to a specific Spreadsheet.

Updating and Changing Enhanced Questions tied to a Google Sheet

When updating Enhanced Questions in a Google spreadsheet, it's usually best to generate a new spreadsheet to keep everything aligned. Changing the spreadsheet's title field or column names can lead to significant issues. If you must make changes post-launch, proceed with caution. For instance, if adding a new question, update both the form and the spreadsheet, ensuring the name and column position match. Alternatively, you could create a new spreadsheet and manually transfer the data to ensure everything syncs up properly.

Step 1

Select "Connect Google Account"

Step 2

Select your Google Account you want to integrate

Step 3

Click Continue

Step 4

Select "Select All" and click continue

Confirm that your account is connected.

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