Multiple membership contributions are not allowed.

If your order has multiple contributions that are trying to be processed into a Fund that is setup as a Membership Fund, Tessitura does not allow this and will generate an error.

"Multiple membership contributions to the same Membership Organization are not allowed."

On a form, it's possible to have several contributions that can be applied to either one or more funds.

Contributions can come from the following:

  • Button Amount
  • Add-On Donation Amount
  • Cover Cost Amount

To confirm, if 2 or more of these are destined for a the same Membership Fund in Tessitura, an error will be generated.

The Flex2 Enhanced Flex form has a feature that helps fix this. The collapsible titled "Tessitura" has a multi-select drop down menu where you can configure what you would like to combine if the destinations are the same.

This can be used for any Fund type or On Account type which means this can be used for more than just solving the "Multiple membership contributions to the same Membership Organization are not allowed." issue. It can be used to simply combine contributions and make a single entry for the order.

For example,

  1. Button is applying money to a Membership Fund.
  2. Add-On Donation is being applied to the same Membership fund.
  3. Cover Cost is being applied to a separate Fund.

In this case, you would select the Button and Add-On as shown below. When you do this only 1 entry will be added to the Membership Fund in Tessitura. The entry will have a description added that indicates it is the both the Button and the Add-on donation. This solves the issue and the order will process into Tessitura as expected.

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