2Account API - Payment Link

The 2Account API provides secure access to information available in your 2Account.

Your API Key and Organization Key can be obtained by Admins or the Account Owner and is located in the Account Information page. You can use the copy icons to copy and paste the Organization Key and the API Key.

Payment Link

The payment link API endpoint returns a Flex2 Payment link based on a Order Number and Payment Group ID.

Use Case

You have a patron MyAccount section on your website and you want to provide a logged in patron with links to their unpaid orders.

North America




Asia Pacific


Payment Group ID

The Payment Group ID that is required for this endpoint can be found in the Payment Manager inside the Payment Group. Edit the Payment Group to access the ID. You can use the copy icons to copy and paste the Payment Group ID.

Order ID

The Order ID will be provided by you and is located in Tessitura. The Order ID combined with the Payment Group ID will generate and return the url to the Payment Form for this Order ID.

Custom Headers

Custom header: x-api-key
Custom header: x-organization-key


JSON BODY: { "order_no": "", "payment_group_id" : "" }

Error Codes

401 - Unauthorized, either for missing headers or invalid headers

400 - Bad Request, either missing parameters or the parameters are invalid

Example Error Response

{ "result": false, "message": "Missing API Key or Organization Key" }

Example Successful Response

{"result": true, "urI":"https:\/\/donate2.app\/XXXXXX\/hai1a214-haoo-46f0-91yu-51ab2a6bcea6"}

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