Text Message Marketing

A2P 10DLC Announcements

In order to send SMS and MMS messages to the U.S. using 10DLC phone numbers, all messages must be sent via an approved application-to-person (A2P) Campaign. Any unregistered U.S.-bound messages will be blocked. 

Once you've connected your Twilio account and have a registered phone number, you're ready to get started with Text Message Marketing!

Text a message with a Form link to a list of sms phone numbers using a CSV file

  • Upload your CSV (one phone number per row)
  • Select your registered sending phone number
  • Select a  Form
  • Enter a Message
  • Use the token %form% to display the best
  • Click Send Messages

Your recipients will receive a text message

SMS Message with Form link

They click on a the link and go straight to the form

2Account Form


For each phone number in a CSV file we track the following status for their Text Message:

Queued - The API request to send an outbound message was successful and the message is queued to be sent out by a specific From sender. For messages sent without a Messaging Service this is the initial Status value of the Message resource.

Sending - Twilio is in the process of dispatching the outbound message to the nearest upstream carrier in the network.

Sent - The nearest upstream carrier accepted the outbound message.

Failed - The outbound message failed to send. This can happen for various reasons including queue overflows, Account suspensions and media errors. Twilio does not charge you for failed messages.

Delivered - Twilio has received confirmation of outbound message delivery from the upstream carrier, and, where available, the destination handset.

Undelivered - Twilio received a delivery receipt indicating that the outbound message was not delivered. This can happen for many reasons including carrier content filtering and the availability of the destination handset.

Receiving - The inbound message was received by Twilio and is currently being processed.

Received - The inbound message was received and processing is complete.

Accepted - [Messaging Service only] Twilio has received your API request to immediatedly send an outbound message with a Messaging Service. If you did not provide a specific From sender in the service's Sender Pool to use, the service is dynamically selecting a From sender. For unscheduled messages to be sent with a Messaging Service, this is the initial Status value of the Message resource.

Scheduled - [Messaging Service only] The Message resource is scheduled to be sent with a Messaging Service. If you schedule a message with a Messaging Service, this is the initial Status value of the Message resource.

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