Tessitura v16

Donate2 | Stream2 | Flex2 Forms are fully tested and 100% compatible with v16

Are you ready for v16? We are!

Since your API URL will be changing, there are a few steps that you'll need to complete in order to maintain the integration between your 2Account and Tessitura. 

After your organization has upgraded to v16, please make sure you've updated all of your REST permissions. The Tessitura REST Permissions article provides a list of the resources required and is updated as we release new features and functionality. There may be new tools that your organization would like to use, so we recommend taking the time now to check that you're up to date. 

How to update your 2Account Integration 
After you upgrade from Tessitura v15 to v16 you will have a new API endpoint URL. If any other information for your REST user needs to be updated, keep that in mind and update as needed. Most likely, it will just be the URL for the API Endpoint.

Navigate to your Tessitura menu

Select Live Environment

Update the API & Credentials screen as needed for your v16 environment. Most likely, it will just be the API Endpoint.

Update the Tessitura Version Dropdown from 15 to 16.

Save the Credentials (Yes, this is one of the few areas in your 2Account that does not auto-save!)

Run Diagnostics and Refresh the Cache

After a few seconds, you should get 3 green smiley faces for Credentials, Resources, and Tessitura. If you get a red frowning face instead, somehting wasn't entered right. Please double check the information entered in the steps above, make any changes, and try again! 

Thats all you need to do! All of your Forms, Recurring Subscriptions, Registrations, Add On Donations, etc... will work as expected.

Moving forward, our focus will be on building new features leveraging the functionality that comes with v16. We will continue to support v15 as needed for bugs and security.

We are excited for what's to come! The future is bright for cart-free transactions using 2Account Forms.

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