Brightcove Beacon

A complete Tessitura Integrated end-to-end paywall for your Beacon OTT platform

Brightcove Beacon is the premier OTT platform that helps you grow and retain global audiences.

Sample Stream2 Beacon Integrations

Cleveland Orchestra

San Francisco Opera

Stream2 Brightcove Beacon OIDC Integration
Our integration is a comprehensive solution that starts with highly configurable Stream2 Forms for Subscriptions Rentals, CRM integration for orders details and user authentication, providing entitlements in Beacon for access, and processing Beacon OTT device orders back into your CRM for a 360° view of your customer order history.

Brightcove Beacon
Brightcove Beacon is a platform which enables you to create and configure a single media streaming experience which is then used across multiple platforms including web, AppleTV, Roku, androidTV, fireTV, and devices like laptop, tablet or mobile

Stream2 Brightcove Beacon Form
Our forms are beautiful and easy to use. You can provide your patrons with multiple product/pricing configuration options: Present a 7 day, 30 day or season pass on a single form or Rent a particular video or become a subscriber on a single form. You can include the option for the customer to select an add-on donation along with the ability to cover the cost of the transaction to better support your organization.

Stream2 Tessitura Authentication
There is no easier solution to authenticate with Tessitura than Stream2. Create an account, login with a username and password, get a verification code, even rest your password directly within Tessitura. We cover it all and make it so easy for your patrons to access digital video where ever they are.

Tessitura -  One username and One Password. 
No more confusion over Patrons will use their existing login credentials. If they don't have them, we will create them

Stream2 Brightcove Beacon Form Editor

Stream2 Forms provide features and benefits like:

  • Custom Domain URL's
  • Off-Sale by Date or by Count
  • Add-On Donation Option
  • Enhanced Questions
  • Full Address Collection
  • Marketing Opt-In
  • Cover Costs
  • Message Manager Email Receipts
  • Set Password for New Accounts Created

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