Promo Code Inserts Text

When a Promo code is applied to a Stream2 Form or Flex2 Form, besides adjusting the Price, Tessitura Price Type and it can insert additional text onto the payment page based on the Promo code used.

The html code can be placed anywhere on the payment page text fields. You can style the inserted text, color it, bold it, etc...

<promotext style="display: none;" data-code="save10">This is alternative save promo code text</promotext>

The data-code must be written in lowercase even of you have marketed the Promo code in all caps. Promo codes can still be entered in upper case. Again, it is just the html code that needs the data-code value to be in lowercase.

Here is a fuller example of using the <promotext></promotext>functionality.

<promotext style="display: none;" data-code="save"><br><span style="color: red;">This is alternative save promo code text</span></promotext>