Promo Codes Max Quantity

Do you need to be able to limit the number of times a Promo Code is used? This can be achieved by setting a value in the Max Quantity field in the Promo Codes collapsable section, all within a pricing configuration on a Stream2 and Flex2 Form.

Max Quantity
The Max Quantity value limits the number of times the promo code can be used. You can update the Max Quantity anytime you want. If you planned on allowing the Promo Code to be used 50 times but later decide to increase the number, you can update the Max Quantity value. You can lower the Max Quantity value at any time as well.

Quantity Used
Quantity Used tracks the total number of times the Promo Code has been used for a transaction. Once it reaches the Max Quantity number set, the Promo Code will no longer work. When a transaction takes place with the Promo Code, the Max Quantity is incremented by 1. If a transaction is refunded, the Current Count will be decremented by 1.