Asking a Question on a Form

Available on all form types: Donate2, Stream2 and Flex2

The question will display just below the donation or price selection area and above the Cover Cost and Marketing Opt-in area.

Question Enabled: Yes or No

This will hide or show the field on the form.

Is Required? Yes or No
This will force the customer to enter a value.
If you want to indicate that the field is required, you can add an asterisk or (required) or text in red, etc... 
We do not add any indicator by default that the field is required.

What question would you like to ask?
Enter your question. This field supports HTML. 

Enter any placeholder text that you want displayed. Typically, this is used to provide further instructions on what you are looking for in an answer.

Default Value
If you want to provide a preset answer you can use this field to set a default value.

Customer Service Issue
The results of the question will be put into the CSI that you configure in the drop downs. The settings will default to the selection you have in your Live Tessitura under the General Purpose Customer Service Issue. These settings can be customized per form.

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