Activation Of An Inactive Constituent

There are times when an inactive Constituent must be activated in order to complete the process in Tessitura.

Required REST User Permissions

 Edit (Put), View (Get)
View (Get)

This feature can be found and enabled in your Tessitura TEST and LIVE integration in the configuration section. 

For example, an inactive constituent cannot have a constituency added to their record. Here is an error response from Tessitura

Resource: crm/constituencies

Payload: {
    "ConstituencyType": {
        "Id": 46
    "Constituent": {
        "Id": 920437
    "EndDate": "2021-06-30T00:00:00.0000000-8:00"

Response: [
        "Description": "Constituent is not in an active state.",
        "Details": null,
        "ErrorPath": "Constituent"

By checking this option and selecting the Inactive and Active states, the activation process can happen automatically preventing any errors from Tessitura

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