Setting Access Length

Access Length

You can set the the Access Length to determine when access to a video for a customer will end.

Access Length affects the following Stream2 processes:

  • Stripe Meta Data (Access Length is recorded in the transaction meta data for historical purposes)
  • Vimeo OTT (Access Length is used to set when the product expires)
  • Webhooks (Access Length is included as part of the payload and can be used to control access)

If you are looking to set an Access Length in Tessitura, use the Tessitura Constituency feature to set a constituency and set either a fixed End Date or Rolling End Date. You can set the Access Length in the payment section of your form and set the Tessitura Constituency.

Setting the Access Length

There are two options for setting the Access Length in the Payment section of the form.
You will either set the Access End Date or set the Access length. You cannot set both. If one is configured, the other one is disabled.

  1. Set Access End Date

    By using Set Access End Date, the end date is fixed and will be used every time the form is processed.
  2. Set Access Length in Days, Weeks, Months, or Years

    By using Access Length, the end date will auto calculate every time the form is processed.