Presale Mode

The traditional approach to presale lets patrons choose their seats and secure a ticket to a performance before the general public can. Since digital content can be viewed from anywhere and there isn't a limit to the number of seats the venue holds, presale is approached a little differently. 

Presale mode allows you to take payment for content that is not ready or available just yet. If you want to start promoting and selling digital access for Nutcracker in July before you even know who is playing Clara, presale mode lets you do that by holding patrons in a queue after payment and before access. Once December hits and your content is ready, they are released and provided access to the content. Using presale mode allows you to quickly direct an interested patron to where they can pay and reserve their access without them having to remember and come back once the content is live. 

Presale can be configured on any Stream2 forms.

Number of Presale
The number of Presale Forms processed is shown in the  (  ). This number is the current amount of patrons who have payed but have not been released to access content. 

Below are the features that can be configured for Presale.

  • Enable?
    Presale can be turned on or off at anytime per form.
    When you turn on Presale, all orders will get processed into the Presale queue until released.
    If you turn off Presale, orders in the Presale queue remain in the presale queue until released.
    When Presale is turned off, any new orders will get processed and released immediately.
  • Release Date
    This is the date the patrons will be released. This date can be changed.
  • Release Time
    This is the time that the patrons will start to be released. This time can be changed.
  • Release Timezone
    This is the timezone for the release time. This timezone can be changed.
  • Save Settings
    This will save the Release Date, ReleaseTime and ReleaseTimezone settings selected. You must click Save Settings in order for the settings to take affect.
  • Clear Settings
    This will clear the Release Date, ReleaseTime but does not save the settings.
  • Release Now
    Release Now starts a process to release the Presale orders from the queue.
    This manual approach requires verification and several layers of acceptance.
    It is not possible to accidentally, release a presale queue.
When a form is processed in Presale mode the following is processed:
  • Tessitura
  • Prospect2/ActiveCampaig
  • Configured Message Manager Transactional Emails

When a form is released from Presale mode the following is processed:

  • Vimeo OT
  • Webhook
  • Configured Message Manager Transactional Emails

Steps for using Release Now

We have put measures in place to make sure this is not done unintentionally. 

You will be emailed a verification code.

You will enter the 6 digit code for verification.
Once that code is entered and verified, you will be presented with a conformation screen for the orders to be released from the presale queue. Click "Release Content" to release the content.

When the Release starts there will be a pop-up that lets you know the processes has begun.
Once all the jobs are Released you will be notified in another pop-up.

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