Gifting mode allows your customers the ability to purchase access as a gift. You can enable gifting on a Stream2 Forms.

Below are the features that can be configured for Gifting:

  • Allow Gifting?
    Gifting can be turned on or off at anytime per form.
  • Gift Only?
    A form can be set to gifting only if desired.
  • Tessitura Checkout Using:
    When processing the checkout in Tessitura the default is to process the order as the Buyer. This is standard approach you would expect. The other option is to process the checkout as the Gift Recipient. This can be used in combination with setting a Constituency with a start and end date for access control. 
  • Include Confirm Email Field:
    Email confirmation can be enabled on the form to help ensure the buyer has entered the correct email address for the gift recipient Setting this to "yes" is highly recommended.

Additionally, you can change the text and color for all the features on the form.
Number of Gifts
The total number of gifts processed by a form is shown in the  (  ).

Buy As A Gift
The buyer will need to enter the required First Name, Last Name, Email, Confirm Email, and provide an optional Message to the gift recipient.

Email Confirmation and Validation
When the email fields are validated, it happens in two places.

  1. Form Level
    We look for an exact text match. Below you can see when the confirm email has a space and does not match, it will turn red and will need to be fixed. This does not validate the email, it simply makes sure they match.
  2. Payment Attempt Level
    Before we process the order into Stripe, we do a validation on the email address to check for DNS and syntax. When the email address fails, we display the following message: Invalid gift recipient email. Please check and try again.

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