Manual Customer Import Tools

There may be times you may need to provide access to a group of people that don't need to make a payment in exchange for access. A few examples may be, employees of an organization, press contacts, board members, even your current season subscribers, etc. You may want to give them full season access or just a short 3 day preview.

With our Vimeo OTT integration, we provide the ability to assign a Product from a dropdown of your Vimeo OTT products, a Plan of Standard or Free, if Vimeo should send the access email or not, if it is rental or a Purchase, and the length of access.

There is a rate limit set by Vimeo OTT for each API key (your attached Vimeo OTT account) of 5 requests per second. If your upload is 300 contacts, that will take about 1-2 minutes. If you have a list of 6,000 that will take 20-30 minutes.

In the Product drop down, you can select any product you created and published (TVOD, SVOD, or FVOD). 

  • Select Rental = Yes
    We have not found a good use where this works. We do not recommend setting Yes.
  • Select Rental = No
    It will set the product as a Purchase. If you want the customer to own it forever, do not set an expiration date. If you want it to act like a rental, set an expiration date. 3 days, 7 days 26 days, etc... The product will show up in Vimeo OTT as a purchase in the customer dashboard with or without an end date and if an end date is provided, it will expire on the set date.

During the upload there is a progress bar that will display the percentage of completion. If there are any errors, you will receive an email when the job is completed with the details on the line(s) item that failed.

There are three options for manually getting customers into Vimeo OTT...

1. CSV Format
Column headers email, first_name, last_name

CSV Import

2. Tessitura List With Output Set
With our Vimeo OTT integration we provide the ability to import and preview a Tessitura List with an output set. You can preview and then generate accounts to assign to a product, along with a length of access.

You will need to configure your Output Elements that are attached to your List as follows:

EAddress Information / email (Eaddress_email)
Constituent / first_name (Customer_fname)
Constituent / last_name (Customer_lname)

Your grey column name may be displayed as Customer or Constituent, either is fine.

You will need to rename the column to email, first_name, last_name. To do so, click on each column link and rename as shown below and then save the changes.

When accessing your List you can start a search by typing at least 3 characters and it will display the output set once selected. You can use the Preview Data button to confirm the contents before generating accounts in Vimeo OTT.

3. Individual Upload

For each upload, there is an option to select a message manager email (transactional email) so the contacts understand what you have granted then access to and for how long, etc... This is a great way to communicate at the same time they are given access.

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