Setting a Tessitura Constituency

On a Stream2 form, you have the ability to set a Tessitura Constituency along with an optional Fixed Start Date and End Date or a rolling time period.

Required REST User Permissions

Add (Post), Edit (Put), View (Get), Delete
View (Get)

Tessitura Constituencies Collapsable where you can configure the settings

This will be set in Tessitura at the time of checkout and can be found on the Constituent Record > Attributes Tab > Constituencies Radio Button

As an example, this can be used to indicate access control for gated content or for a Membership constituency, or for Donor constituency.

Select a Tessitura Constituency
Type in at least 3 letters to start the search


Set a an optional Start and End Date

Select a Start and/or End Date

Dates are optional


Set a length of time that will start at the moment of the transaction

Select a Start and End Date: This is optional

Results in Tessitura

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