What does "no valid address on the account" error from Tessitura mean and how can I fix it?

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If an account exists in Tessitura and that account does not have an address, we receive the  "No valid address on the account" message from Tessitura when we attempt to checkout the order.

This can happen when we process the transaction and we find an account, but there is no address. Tessitura requires a valid address in order to completer the checkout. Invalid addresses can happen from other processes that create Tessitura accounts but don't add an address. 

To eliminate the need to manually intervene and have a delay in processing the order that has an invalid address in Tessitura, we provide the option to fix this issue whenever it comes up automatically. This feature will add a primary address using our Default Address configuration.

If you have the General Purpose CSI configured we will use it to send in a CSI on the account that indicates the default address was added.

To enable this feature, tick the checkbox in the "Existing Account With No Valid Address" section.

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